DittoForm in Bay Area

DittoForm will hold a scanning event in Oakland
on Wednesday, May 2th and Thursday, May 3th, 2018

The event will be hosted by Apparel Arts
1616 Franklin Street, Oakland, CA 94612

DittoForm will only be in the Bay area for these two days, so scanning appointments are limited!
Go to the BOOK NOW icon at www.dittoform.com to reserve your time slot.

For more details or to contact us with questions, see www.dittoform.com or write to info@dittoform.com

If you live in Southern California please contact PersonalFashion to schedule your scanning appointments.

Retail Price: $1500 (includes free shipping to the Continental US), $100 non-refundable scan fee due to register for a scan. Balance due at scan appointment to place order.