3D scans and custom dress forms are invaluable tools for:

An accurate replica of the body takes out the guesswork of pattern making and tailoring, and ensures a perfect fit every time.


3D body scans are becoming increasingly popular for making costumes and garments. 3D scanning technology allows for precise representation of the whole surface of body, not just a few measurements.

The use of 3D scans reduces the amount of time and money spent on alterations and fittings, as well as providing a more accurate fit than traditional methods.

At PersonalFashion, we specialize in 3D scanning of people for costume/fashion design applications.

Furthermore, we offer digital sculpting services to optimize the 3D models for special applications of each client.

Our 3D-scans are compatible with most software products, such as CLO3D, Optitex, TukaTech, Gerber and many other.

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full body custom dress form

Custom Dress Forms

A custom dress form, made from a 3D body scan, is a revolutionary way to make clothing that fits perfectly.

The 3D scan captures information that a standard measurement chart cannot provide, such as curves, posture and all the unique features of a scanned person. This allows to significantly cut down in-person fittings and still achieve a desired fit.

Our custom forms are completely tailored to each individual. We offer plenty of options to chose from and can implement customer’s specific requests.

From professional costume designers to home-sewing enthusiasts – we have solutions for different needs and budgets.

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Virtual Fashion

Virtual fashion is a rapidly developing technology that can now use 3D body scans to create custom-made garments for all body types.

With virtual fashion designers can examine how different cut and styles look on a person, without a physical fitting.

It makes it easy to tweak length or size of sleeves, adjust the waistline or hemline, and even add details like pockets and buttons.

Not only does this method give more control over the future garment but it also reduces the time from inception to completion.

Virtual Fashion has been used by professionals for some time now, but it was too expensive and difficult for hobbyists to learn how to use it.

However, with recent advancements it’s becoming more cost effective and easier to use, opening up new possibilities for hobbyists as well.

COVID-19 precautions

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