3D scanning

What is 3D scanning?

3D scanning is a process of capturing three-dimensional data of physical objects, including human bodies, to create a 3D model. This technique is similar to traditional photography, but the result is a digital 3D file that contains the information about the entire geometry of the scanned surface, from every angle.

How we do it?

For our scanning process we utilize the Artec Eva Light 3D scanner, a professional-grade engineering tool. This video provides an overview of how this equipment is used for general 3D scanning. Our procedure will be similar. 

The scanning process is completely safe unless you have specific contraindications to either flashing lights or to standing for a few minutes. Please see Medical Considerations page for more information.

More information about 3D body scanning and for detailed advice on what to wear:

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What to wear for a 3D scan

How long does a 3D scan for dress form or for a digital avatar takes?

Typical appointment takes one hour for a torso scan and 1-1.5 hour for a full body scan (can be condensed to 20-40 minutes upon request).
During the appointment we will do 3-4 scanning sessions, each lasting 2-5 minutes. Between these sessions you can relax while we save and evaluate the collected data. We will also take hand measurements to validate the scan. Additional measurements will be taken for quality control process. During scanning you will need to stand still in your neutral posture and breath normally.

We make sure that our clients feel comfortable during the 3D scan and have plenty of time to ask all the questions they might have!