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Streamline costume creation process with our services:

3d scanning * custom dress forms * digital sculpting * custom croquis * simulations

We start with a 3D body scan.

The resulting files can be used to extract patterns and create a visualization of a future costume or a prop. Skin-tight outfits or body-armor that needs to fit like a glove are perfect candidates for scan-to-costume method.
Same digital patterns which were made during the costume design and production can be used by the special effects team, reducing the overall man/hours for the project.

Our 3D body scan files are compatible with leading pattern-making and simulations software, including Gerber, CLO, Optitex, TukaTech and many more. Virtual fitting and visualization help to communicate the design ideas to the team before any physical samples are made.

Using a 3D body scan as avatar, instead of a traditional chart with limited number of measurements, insures maximum accuracy in simulation.

Innovate sketching and planning

We make custom croquis from a 3D scan. Planing out the looks with customs croquis helps to foresee how various options will work for the actual person, and to envision which lines will work best for the character. Having exact proportions of the person brings precision to early stages of creative process.

Our 3D scans have high resolution: original mesh contains 10,000,000 polygons. As a part of 3D model creation process, we run mesh optimization. This allows to keep the details of the scanned surface while reducing the file size.
This image shows a model with only 100,000 polygons.

Examples of croquis made from 3D body scan. Custom croquis allow to visualize a look on a specific person’s body.

“The Personal Fashion Dress Forms have been a true time saver for me and for my cast on “Grace & Frankie”.
It’s not always easy to schedule fittings , especially long fittings – so we are able to get so much preliminary work done prior to having the actors in by using the custom replica dress forms.
Additionally, for the inevitable last minute changes , we are able to dress the dress forms in order to see what type of adjustments and alterations that we need to make

Emmy-nominated costume designer
Allyson Fanger


Custom dress forms open up new options in costume design

Our 3D body scan files are prepared to the highest standards, utilizing 4 years of expertise in this field. We facilitate the ordering process and make it seamless for the customer.
Having custom dress forms of lead actors means that you won’t need as many fittings as you normally would. Reducing notorious scheduling conflicts will empower optimization of the costume creation process.
Complex draped designs are especially difficult to fit after the garment has been created. Therefore a custom dress form opens up options that would not be feasible otherwise.

Professional pinnable Custom dress form from 3D scan
Custom dress form for tailoring and draping

From 3D scanning and 3D renderings to pattern-making and custom dress forms
we have the expertise and equipment to boost efficiency of costume and props production.