3D Scanning Locations

PersonalFashion, LLC is based in Los Angeles, California.

We work with various office space providers in Los Angeles area – in order to offer appointments in the most convenient locations for our customers.

Our primary 3D scanning office is located at
11400 W Olympic Blvd,
2nd Floor, Suite 200,
Los Angeles, California, 90064

3D scanning services are available by appointment only
Please contact us to schedule.

3D scanning of people in Los Angeles
3D body scanning in Los Angeles

We also offer 3D scanning at customer’s site.

Availability is limited and might require extra charge.
Please use this form to request an appointment or simply give us a call:
1 424 209 8059.

Customer’s site space requirements:

-empty space, approximately 10’x10′ ;

-even lighting;

-no reflective objects such as glass, mirrors, metallic surfaces. We can bring cover-ups for such objects, curtains for privacy etc.

Please let us know if any of these will be needed so we can allocate additional time for set up and take down.