What to wear for 3D scan

In order to acquire an accurate 3D body scan for custom dress form creation or software utilization, it is essential to wear form-fitting apparel or foundation garments.
For best results the following points should be taken into account:

*The scanner “reads” the surface whether its your skin or fabric of your clothes. It can not “see” under the clothes. (It uses regular white light, just like a camera. It does NOT use x-rays or radiation.)

Consequently, to make your dress form as close to your body as possible it’s recommended that you wear only foundation garments or underwear that you normally wear under your home-sewn/custom tailored garments. For women – your regular bra and panties would be the best choice. The ideal outfit should not distort your body – it should not hang loose nor should it squeeze your body. 

Nonetheless, if you would like to wear undergarments with more coverage, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to provide you with assistance regarding the available options.

*The 3D scanning appointment takes place in a private area. The scanning technician (female) will step out, while you are getting ready, for your privacy.

*Try to avoid glossy fabrics. Anything reflective (such as rhinestones, shiny metal links, etc) will make scanning more difficult and may require longer scanning time.

*You can bring several options with you if you are not sure which one would work best.

*We will ask you to remove all the jewelry for the scan (if it is removable).

*Your hair will need to be pulled up to make sure that your neck is visible from all sides. Even if you have neck-length hair we will need to lift it away from the neck.

We understand that ideal conditions for a 3D scan (as outlined above) are not always possible. However we are confident in our ability to adjust to any challenges and make the scan successful.

For the past 5 years, we have provided 3D scanning services to a wide range of customers, from home-sewing enthusiasts to A-list celebrities. Our expertise and interpersonal skills ensure a comfortable experience for all our customers.