Medical Considerations

PersonalFashion’s 3D-scanning process is completely safe unless you have specific contraindications to either flashing lights or to standing still for a few minutes.

Our scanner uses structured light scanning technology. It produces up to 16 flashes per second (!). The source is a flash bulb (no laser), similar to a Xenon flash of a regular camera, and white LEDs.

Since scanning happens in a well lit room you will barely see the flashes. They will be somewhat noticeable only while we are scanning the front of  your neck.

If you suffer from photo-sensitive epilepsy, careful consideration should be given to the flashing lights

Photo-sensitive epilepsy is a rare condition when a change in lighting (especially with high frequency) can trigger an epileptic seizure. With this condition  any change in light could potentially cause a problem. Even the sources that we encounter in everyday life – such as headlights of a car,  intense sequence on a TV or in a video game or strobe lights at a concert – are the risk factors for affected individuals.

We take this risk very seriously and will work with you closely to find a potential solution. Depending on a severity of your condition, you might still be able to get scanned safely with special glasses.

*There is no UV light.

*Our scanner’s light does NOT pose any risks to individuals who are NOT affected by photo-sensitive epilepsy.

For more information please contact us or use this link for Detailed specifications of our scanner Artec Eva Light

During our regular scanning process we ask our customers to stand still for 3-6 minutes at a time, 3-4 times. However if it would be problematic for you to stand for that amount of time, we can split scanning into smaller intervals and conduct more of them.
Please let us know if you have any concerns in this regard  at the time of booking of an appointment.  It will allow us to schedule accordingly, ensuring sufficient time to complete your scan.