Ordering process

How to order a professional dress form, made from a 3D scan of YOUR body?

First step: 3D scan of your body

To order your custom dress form, first we need to obtain a file with a 3D model of your body. The process is called 3D scanning and it is simple and harmless. In a nut shell – it is similar to photo/video shoot just carried out with more sophisticated equipment.

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What happens during 3D scanning appointment for a custom dress form?

Typical appointment takes one hour. We will walk you through the 3D scanning process, making sure that you are comfortable. We allocate plenty of time for you to ask any questions you might have. For our extra busy client’s who likes to “get it done as fast as possible”, we offer “condensed” appointments – as quick as 15-30 minutes. Please let us know ahead of time if you prefer this type of appointment.

During the 3D scanning appointment we will do 3-4 scanning sessions, each lasting 3-5 minutes. You will need to stand still in your neutral posture and breathe normally. The scanning technician will walk around you several times, holding the scanner approximately 2 feet away from your body, moving it up and down (the scanner doesn’t touch your body). The scanner produces patterned flashes of regular white light (see medical considerations page for more information). Then, similar to a regular camera, it records the reflected light at average speed of 15 frames per second (!). 

Between these sessions you can sit down, relax and review the scanned data.
This preview of the “raw” data will give you a good idea of how your final scan will look.

We will also take a few key hand measurements to cross-check some areas of the 3D scan. These measurements will help us to address variations in the body caused by breathing.

Additionally, we will discuss digital adjustments, in order to take care of the difference in softness of the body and the dress form.

Second step: Data processing and approval

After the appointment is complete we will “process the data” and create a 3D model for your custom dress form.

Our personalized process allows us to address the needs of each customer. We incorporate your requirements and your feedback in the final 3D model.

Post-processing of the collected data takes 2-5 business days following the appointment.

Once you are happy the final 3D model and process the final payment, we will begin the manufacturing of your dress form, which takes up 3-5 weeks. Rush processing may be available upon request.

3d model (made from 3D body scan ) with measurements
Measurements of 3D model

Can we use third party 3D data?

In short, the answer is yes, we can work with a 3d model, provided by a customer. We will need to see the file to make sure it is compatible. After analyzing it, we’ll provide you with our evaluation – whether or not we think it’s a good base 3D model for making a custom dress form. If necessary, we can make some adjustments to the file (“digital sculpting”) but the final quality is significantly dictated by the initial 3D model.
If you haven’t done your 3D scan and you are planning to get it from a third party vendor – please contact us beforehand and we will help you to make sure you’ll get a “workable” 3D model from it.

Third step: manufacturing of your custom dress form

The dress form is made by CNC-cutting, using the 3D model that you have approved. We add mounting provisions (bottom hole for pole placement and a handle on the top for hanging, provisions for arms and legs attachments), cover it with fabric, add reference lines and cross check the measurements. When your dress form is ready – we coordinate shipping or pick up with you.