Tailored Precision: Custom Dress Forms from 3D Models

A Snapshot of Our Pricing:

Our dress forms are meticulously crafted based on a 3D model of your unique body shape. Our pricing structure is transparent and customizable, designed to meet your specific needs. Our pricing reflects the services and features you select, importantly, without any dependency on body size.

Below, we’ve outlined some basic pricing information for our custom dress forms. For a detailed quote, tailored to your requirements, please reach out through our contact form or call us at (424) 209-8059.

Examples of different custom dress forms, made from 3D body scans

The Process:

3D Model Creation or Evaluation:
The journey begins with either the creation or assessment of your 3D model. Utilizing our in-house 3D scanning technology—backed by six years of specialized experience in 3D body scans for dress forms—we ensure unparalleled accuracy and quality.

  • Torso 3D Model Preparation: $300
  • Full Body 3D Model Preparation: $500
  • If you opt to provide your own 3D model, we’ll evaluate its compatibility at no extra charge. Depending on the model’s quality, the following file preparation for manufacturing can range from $0 to $500.

Customer Approval:
We’re committed to your satisfaction. Before manufacturing begins, we ensure you’re delighted with the final 3D model, including basic modifications as part of our service.

Manufacturing Your Custom Dress Form:
Customization options for your dress form are extensive. Prices vary based on the choices you make, starting at $1,300+tax for a half-torso form, $3,775 for a basic full-body package, and up to $6,000 for a VIP package. These figures serve as examples to help you gauge the potential cost, with the final price dependent on the specific customization you select.

3D body scanning

Our ‘Full Body Base Scan’ service is priced at $500, delivering outputs in .obj and .stl formats for broad compatibility with virtual fashion and pattern-making software (other formats are available upon request). Alongside, you receive a PDF report detailing key measurements and visuals of your 3D model. This high-resolution scan focuses on the body’s surface, excluding detailed representations of hands, feet, and head to maintain cost-efficiency. Basic editing and mesh optimization are included, ensuring a ready-to-use model.

Additional customization is available as add-on. Some examples include symmetry analysis, digital sculpting, capturing of various poses, rigging, detailed imaging for the face, hands, and feet.
Each service is designed to enhance your design and fitting process, available upon request to tailor the final product precisely to your requirements.

avatar in CLO3D form a 3D body scan by PersonalFashion LLC
Example of a 3D body scan being used in CLO3D