3D-scanning for custom dress forms

The key for a good 3D scan – is taking your best natural posture.

How to get acquainted with your neutral posture

Please note, that it is almost certain that you will see slight asymmetry in your body. We all have it to some extent. Being aware of it will be beneficial not only for your scanning expectations but also for your sewing in general!

When we can see ourselves in a mirror we automatically make adjustments to stand more straight and more symmetrical. A lot of times it happens so fast that we are not even aware about these adjustments. Similarly, when we are posing for pictures we try to look in a certain way which is likely to be different from our natural body position. Because of that our neutral posture is different from what we are accustomed to see.

3D model, made from a 3D body scan and a custom dress form
Learning about your neutral posture will help you to better understand your body and to prepare yourself for seeing your 3d scan and your dress form.
To observe the natural position of your body:

1.  Stand in front of a mirror with you eyes closed.
2.  Relax, drop your shoulders but don’t pull them down. Roll them back and forth and leave them where it feels natural. Let them be comfortable.
3.  Think about the curvature of your spine. Pull your stomach in only slightly. It should be in a position that you could keep for more then just a few minutes.
4.  Take a few breaths and notice how your body position feels. You want your body to feel relaxed but not collapsed.
5.  Focus on keeping exact same position as you open your eyes.
6.  Very likely, you’ll feel the urge to make adjustments – to bring your posture closer to the one that you are accustomed to see. Resist that urge.
7.  Analyze your posture:
8.  Repeat all the steps while you stand with your side facing the mirror.

Ask someone to take pictures of you (especially from the back) to further analyze your posture.
During the scanning process there will be no mirror (it interferes with the scanner). 
Practicing and analyzing your posture will prepare you for seeing your 3D-scan.