What is PersonalFashion?

PersonalFashion, LLC is a company based in Los Angeles, California which specializes in 3D body scanning for Fashion, Costume Design and Custom Clothing applications. We also make custom dress forms from 3D-body scans.

What we do?

3D scans for custom dress forms and for virtual fashion

Our core service is 3d scanning of people. It’s similar to photography but the result is a 3d model of a customer’s body. The scanning process is easy and harmless.  Average appointment takes about 1 hour (total appointment time, the actual scanning time is 10-15 minutes, split into 3-4 sessions).

PersonalFashion also offers 3D scanning services of various objects. Examples include, but not limited to, cultural artifacts (eg African masks for a research projects), shoes, parts (for retrofitting or reverse-engineering), garments, costume details.

Why get a 3d scan?

The 3D scans can be used to order custom manufactured physical objects – such as a custom dress form or a mannequin.

Alternately or additionally 3D scans can be used with various software packages. For example, you can upload your 3d model – avatar – to pattern-making software for virtual fitting of your garments on your virtual body.

Another application of 3d scanning is to monitor the changes in your body. For example, if you start a new diet or a workout regiment and you would like to see where exactly you are loosing or gaining weight. Comparing the 3d scans from “before” and “after” will provide you with detailed insights.

Who needs our services?

Most of our customers are fashion/costume designers or home sewing enthusiasts.

If you sew clothes for yourself having a dress form that replicates your body provides invaluable help with fittings of your garments;

If you are a professional fashion/costume designer – having a dress form which replicates the body of your fit model (or actress/actor) means you can design and make adjustments without scheduling numerous fittings. Therefore it speeds up the design development process and saves a lot of time and resources;

If you are personal stylist/shopper – having custom dress form allows you to try  potential picks on your customer’s body without the presence of the customer.

As Fashion makes it’s way to one’s closet it should be Personal. It should praise one’s unique physique as well as reflect one’s values and principles.

By offering custom solutions: from made-to-measure clothes to tools for home sewers, from education to support of emerging designers – we are dedicated to make Fashion Industry more humane, more ethical and more inclusive.

“Every person is unique and beautiful in their own ways. Through PersonalFashion we want to celebrate that diversity and to help people express themselves through clothing. By using the latest technologies, we make creation of  custom outfits easy, fun and affordable.”

 – Marina Gery, Founder of PersonalFashion, LLC´╗┐

draping on custom dress form

We love hearing from you! Please get in touch with us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions!