Make it personal – add customized decor
to your creations or to your store bought garments

applique * iron-on * sew-on
* intricate shapes
* various materials: fabric, pleather, vinyl and more

Have an idea of decor for a garment? We can make it.

We offer precision-cut shapes from various materials: custom made to order as well as off-the shelves patches.

From easy to apply iron-on designs to intricate sew-on

Iron on patches

Iron on are easy to apply with a regular iron. No sewing skills required.

Sew on patches

Sew on patches allow for a wider range of materials. One of the most popular examples are designs made with pleather. Show off your stitching skills and create a true head turner with beautiful elements of decor.

Custom applique
We can make the most intricate shapes with precision cutting from various materials – from denim to pleather to vinyl and more.

You are unique. So can be your clothes.
Decorative patches make it easy to let your personality shine in your garments.