Corseting Case Study 2024 – Participant Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in our corseting case study. Please answer the following questions to help us select the optimal participant and ensure the study is a good fit for you.

Before submitting the questionnaire, please ensure you have carefully read and understood the requirements for participation.
Additionally, please review the important details below associated with the custom dress form that will be awarded:

  • No Monetary Value: The custom dress form provided as part of this case study cannot be exchanged for its monetary value.
  • Product Development: Your custom dress form may be prototype-like in nature as we are exploring new manufacturing techniques specifically tailored to accommodate corseting.The changes to our manufacturing process are relatively small and primarily focused on introducing “squeeze-ability”. The dress form you receive will be fully functional and a first-of-its-kind product crafted to meet high standards. However the amount of “squeeze-ability” will be determined during our ongoing R&D process and may or may not be significant.
  • Product Expectations: When participating in this study, it’s important to recognize that while the dress form will be tailored to closely match your 3D body scans, minor variations may occur due to the innovative techniques used in its creation. These variations arise as we aim to capture a precise “snapshot” of the human body, which naturally moves, breathes, and changes. Given that a dress form is a static object, some details in capturing your body’s form involve discretionary decisions. These should not significantly impact the overall functionality and quality of the dress form.
  • Quality Assurance: While we are excited to implement new technologies in the creation of your dress form, you might notice minor imperfections. These are part of the developmental nature of employing new methods but are expected to be minimal and will not affect the dress form’s functional qualities.
  • Product Changes: We reserve the right to modify the details of the product as needed throughout the development process. This includes adjustments to design, materials, and manufacturing methods.
  • Innovation Acknowledgment: By receiving this custom dress form, you are part of a groundbreaking approach to creating solutions that better align with the needs of corset wearers. Your feedback and experience will be invaluable in refining this technology.
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Can you list the types and styles of corsets you have available for the scan, including which historical periods they represent?
How familiar are you with wearing corsets for extended periods? Please describe your comfort level and experience.
What is the typical waist reduction you achieve with your corseting, measured in inches?
Please provide specific dates and times you are available for the scanning session between May 21 and June 5. (Our primary 3D scanning office is located at 11400 W Olympic Blvd, 2nd Floor, Suite 200, Los Angeles, California, 90064)
Describe your experience in corset-making. How many corsets have you constructed, and what styles or periods do they cover?
Why are you interested in participating in this case study, and how do you think it will benefit your personal or professional development?
What are your expectations from participating in this case study (besides receiving your custom dress form)?
Are you comfortable with and do you consent to the use of your images, scans, and photographs for research and potential publication? Please elaborate on any concerns or conditions you might have.
Please provide the state and city where you are currently residing.
Please provide your Instagram handle.