PersonalFashion specializes in 3D scanning of people for Fashion/Costume design.

We know how important the posture is for the proper fit of garments.
Our experience in pattern-making, sewing and fitting provides us with a solid  base for understanding of a human body from apparel-making perspective. We help our customers to find a correct position for the scanning – the best possible posture within person’s natural range.

Whether you intend to order a custom dress form or you would like to use your 3D scan in pattern-making software – we know how to make the right 3D model of you! 

We are leveraging our expertise in both Technology and Fashion to help you solve your challenges in fashion and costume design.

Other Services:

  • Digital sculpting
  • Patterns, slopers from 3D scans
  • Custom croquis
  • Art work form 3D scan
3D-model of a real person, obtained by 3D-scanning. (Simplified mesh)

Please call us to learn more about our current and upcoming  services: 1 424 209 80 59

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